Enrich your games' experience by adding a global highscore for your games. We offer an independent, platform agnostic infrastructure for your games statistics.

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We fully support your game on any platform through engine integrations and various language bindings. If we miss a binding, let us know - or implement the RESTful API in the way you like it.

Save time and money

No need to waste your time and money on server maintanence and development of a complex backend for your scores. Add our libraries in a matter of minutes and let us take care of the rest.

Grow your Userbase

Be one of the first to benefit from our rapidly growing userbase. Make yourself visible to all the other gamers that use and quickly gain traction in the popularity of your game.

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Benefits for you as a game developer

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Head over to our API section to learn how you can integrate our RESTful API into your game. We are trying to keep this process as straigt forward as possible to get you up and running in a breeze. Also checkout the libraries and engine integrations we offer, which make the integration even easier than it already is.

We support OpenSource

We are huge fans of the OpenSource community and are also providing all of our libraries on github. That's why we offer all features to OpenSource games for free! You heard it, no limitations. Just Sign Up and drop us a note on your project and we will unlock you the full power!

Always free!

We will never charge for anybody who want's to join us! Start integrating without having to worry about payment. Sign up for free and gain all the benefits that this platform offers to your game!

Benefit from the community

Benefit from the platform and the community and unlock a new way to gather users around your game. Motivate your gamers to join the fight for the top positions on your leaderboards! Use this to easily kickstart your new and awesome games!

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Challenge your friends

Get a rank in the top positions of the leaderboards in all your favourite games. Connect with people and friends around the globe and prove you are the best of them. Keep track of your scores and push yourself beyond the known score limits.

Put bounties on your enemies

Put bounties on players in the form of experience points and reward those who are the first to push them off their position in the leaderboard. Hunt bounties and become the king of the universe.

Share your progress

Share your victories with the world or just share how awsewome your last fight was. We enable you to directly share to the big social networks with the push of a button. Let the world know of the amazing things you encounter.

Level up and become the king

You will be rewarded with everything you achieve and every highscore you share. Gain experience in challenges, beat the Top 10 of a game or hunt down the most wanted players. Unlock features and customizations as you gain levels and be rewarded as you progress. Become the king of the universe.