... is the big picture of what you are looking at.

The idea for globalstats.io was created in late 2015, when we where thinking about creating a game. After settling on the idea for the game we started evaluating things and reached the point where we looked into where to store the highscores. Trying various platforms that offer highscores and leaderboards, none of them matched the requirements we had. So we decided to create this platform ourselves. Thats how globalstats.io was born.

So who are the people behind globalstats.io you ask?

We, Lukas and Wolfgang, two developers from Austira, work on it in our free time as a hobby project and it was first released mid 2016. After the first users joined the Platform and it gained some traction, Thomas from Germany joined and contributed a lot by creating the GameMaker Studio extension and keeping it maintained.

Together we are steadily improving the platform and adding new features.

Lukas Obermann
aka Raptorfx
I am one of the founders of globalstats.io and self-employed since 2016. This helped getting quite some work done on the platform before first showing it to the public mid 2016 and exhibiting it at the GameDevDays Graz 2016. As we are a small team, I am basically involved in everything related to the globalstats.io development. So from development to IT and Marketing. Pretty exciting times and a lot to learn! Looking forward to the great things that lay ahead.
Wolfgang Haupt
aka a1rwulf
As co-founder of globalstats.io I'm very proud of what has happened so far. Originally we wanted to create a game and while doing some brain storming, we found that making a new online highscore system would be fun too. Being in the software industry for nearly 10 years as of now, globalstats.io was (and still is) an exciting project as we did everything from scratch which involved conception, system architecure, DevOps, user experience, etc. etc. Due to busy life, time was rather short and I couldn't do much over the last year. This is about to change and we'll introduce more exciting features soon.
Thomas Haaks
aka Tomahawk
GameMaker Extension Maintainer
I am team lead of a Java developer team by day and spare time indie developer at night. I'm professionally developing software (and games as a hobby) for more than 30 years now. End of 2016 I stumbled across globalstats.io while looking for a good affordable online highscore service. I loved their open source approach and the clean, straightforward API and its security mechanisms (OAuth2). Because Lukas and Wolfgang released the source code of their Unity binding it was a nice exercise for me to get used to GameMaker Studio's HTTP API and create an asset for GameMaker Studio which is now also open source and available for free.